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Seasonal Cottage Maintenance 2016

This discussion on maintenance has been provided so you as a new or current seasonal cottage or four season vacation home owner can better understand the requirement for ongoing and vigilant maintenance both inside and outside your cottage or vacation home for a carefree and relaxing cottage experience. It is highly recommended that you begin this process as soon as you take possession of your property while the residence is still empty and definitely every spring opening. This will allow you to see any conditions which may have changed, occurred or become evident since the initial third party building inspection, acceptance of the offer to purchase, closing of the deal and changes based on the winter hiatus. The following aspects are the most immediate once you have taken possession.


Winter is Coming!!

Tim’s Cottage Care is now booking Snow Blowing & snow removal services for the winter months. Serving Port Carling and Bracebridge areas. Contact us at 705.571.6598 to inquire or to book your service! We Care so You can Live Carefree!!