Perform a “Walk About” around the buildings and perimeter of the property inspecting for damaged or down power lines, damaged water lines, fallen trees and branches, torn screens, broken windows and shutters, damaged docks, decks, roofs, and shifting cracking foundations.

Inspect all the walls, doors and windows for caulking and blistering or peeling paint
Inspect decks, verandahs, screened-in porches for any rotten wood, popping nails, loose stairs, corroded connectors, beams, supports and lifts.

Clean off roof and eaves troughs of all leaves and needles

Inspect water intake system, foot valves, water lines and all connections for leaks. Replace all filters.

Inspect power supply and then turn on power. Reconnect, prime and start water pumps. Turn water on.

Open water line to hot water heater and turn on hot water heater. Turn on hot water tap farthest and highest away from hot water source and check for leaks.

Check fireplace and chimney for blockages. Remember winter often brings unwanted visitors who build cozy homes in chimneys.

Test all smoke and CO2 detectors and replace batteries.

Inspect all fire extinguishers for charging and effective charging date.

Replace batteries in flashlights.

Inspect all appliances for chewed wires, corrosion, fit finish and function.

Inspect all propane or gas powered appliances for leaks, fit, finish and function.

Clean and set up porch, deck and dock furniture.

Turn on baseboard or other heaters as required.